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Lofty Profits helps sellers turn Amazon and Shopify sales numbers from chaos into meaningful, insight-rich data.

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Sales. Profits. Know precisely what the difference is.

Knowing how much money you’re really making is all that matters. Our tools deliver insights that Seller Central and Shopify don’t match.

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Don’t just see your costs. Understand them.

See and understand every Amazon and Shopify cost you’re dealing with—from shipping to warehousing to FBA and subscription fees.

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Run the numbers when you’re on the run.

Lofty Profits gives you constantly updated sales numbers anytime, on any connected device.

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Trusted by Amazon and Shopify sellers everywhere

“Lofty Profits is a tool that I use every day to find insightful analytics about my business. I am able to make better decisions about forecasting inventory, pricing, and advertising to increase sales and profits. It is really great to have so much information all at once glance whether I am on my computer or mobile device. Thank you!”

Judy Doherty
Expression Food

“Lofty Profits is the one piece of software I can't run my business without. All my numbers in real time and optimized for mobile too.”

Brandon Fields
Old Bones Therapy
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